Wild Rice & Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken

chix cut up
Preheat oven to 375f

1 3-4 Lb. Chicken (I prefer organic, but that is your call)
1 Cup Cooked Long Grain White or Brown Rice
1 Cup Cooked Wild Rice
4 Oz. Soft, Fresh (not aged) Goat Cheese (I use the type that comes in a log)
1/2 Onion, diced
8 Oz. White Mushrooms, chopped
1/2 Bunch Flat Leaf Parsley, chopped
4 TBL Butter
Kosher Salt

Pat chicken dry, and set aside
Melt 2 TBL butter in a saute pan and saute onions until soft
Add mushrooms, and continue to saute until most of the liquid has evaporated
Add parsley and remove from heat
In a Bowl, mix together rices, onion-mushroom mixture add 2 Tsp Salt, and Pepper to taste
Crumble cheese into mix
Gently stuff mixture into cavity of chicken and either tie legs together, or use a metal or wood skewer to ‘sew’ the cavity closed*
Rub the chicken with the remaining butter and liberally salt skin
Roast on a rack at 375f for 20 minutes
After 20 minutes, baste chicken with pan drippings, lower heat to 350f and continue to roast another 30 minutes, until skin is golden brown and juices of chicken run clear when pierced with a long fork, and internal temperature of stuffing is 155f

To Serve:
Let bird with for 10-15 minutes covered loosely with foil or a damp dish towel
Remove leg and thigh quarters (separate if you like) and put on platter
Scoop out stuffing to a serving bowl
Cut away both sides of breast, remove wings and place with legs
Lay the breast pieces on a board and slice crosswise
Lift with knife to keep the breast section together and place on platter
To make a sauce, skim off fat from roasting pan, stir in 2 TBL of flour, and stir for five minutes, add a splash of white wine or sherry and reduce until

*If you have any extra stuffing bake in a buttered dish for the last half hour the chicken is roasting
roast chix


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