Tuna Sauce

This sauce can be used on anything from pasta to sauteed chicken breasts or veal scallopini.  It is also a great spread for an appetizer.  I use it as my go to when I am out of almost everything in my pantry, I add some canned artichoke hearts and toss it with whatever pasta I have on hand.  My daughter has loved this since she was small, and it’s still a favorite!

1 Can Imported Tuna packed in olive oil* drained
5 anchovies (optional, but they do add a serious flavor punch)
2 TBL Butter salted or unsalted
2 TBL Olive Oil (more as needed)
3 TBL Capers, drained, 1 TBL set aside for garnish
2 TBL Flat Leaf Parsley chopped
Juice of 1 Lemon

Put all ingredients into food processor and puree until mixture is creamy, adding more oil a few drops at a time as needed
For pasta, just toss with hot pasta, using some of the cooking water to thin the sauce, and garnish with capers
For meat dishes, spoon sauce over each piece and garnish with capers
For a spread, refrigerate and top with capers, mixture will firm up in fridge

*I have been know to use regular old tuna packed in water and drained, and adding some extra oil to the sauce


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