Slow Cooker Caponata


Makes about X cups

1 Medium to Large Eggplant
1/4 Cup Olive Oil
2 Lbs Roma Tomatoes
1 Onion diced
1 Cup celery in 1/4″ slices
1   2 Oz. Can of Anchovies drained and chopped (optional)
1 Cup Golden Raisins
1 TBL Sugar
1/2 Tsp Crushed Red Pepper
3 TBL Minced Garlic
2 TBL Tomato Paste
1 Cup Pimento Stuffed Olives, sliced
1/4 Cup Capers
1 Small Bunch Flat Leaf Parsley Chopped
Kosher Salt

Slice Eggplant lengthwise into 1/2″ thick slices, sprinkle with kosher salt and let sit for ten minutes, then rinse salt off, and lay on a dishtowel to dry
When dry, cut into 1/2″ dice
Cut tomatoes lengthwise, and remove seeds, then chop

Turn slow cooker on high, and add oil
Give oil a few minutes to heat up, and add eggplant. Stir well, and let cook covered for 20 minutes.
Add all ingredients except capers, olives and parsley
Cook on high for three hours, open and stir ingredients well, taste liquid for seasoning, return lid and cook on high for another 2 hours.

After 2 hours my batch was very liquid-y, so I let it cook, lid off for an additional 30 minutes

Split into small batches to cool.
Makes about 2 quarts

group shot


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