I am Tickled Pink!

Thanks to wine-Y-wife blogger Rhonda for nominating me for this award!  I didn’t even realize it existed, so this was a real surprise!   I started this blog a little less than three months ago, and it has been a joy for me.  It thrills me each time I get a new follower, a Face Book like,  or a comment.  I keep a word document festooned with flags from each country my blog has reached—I am up to thirty one.

The blog world is still a bit of a mystery to me, and I am still learning how to navigate,it.  I’m not always sure what the protocols are, and am most challenged by the lingo.  I find sometimes I read what is probably some really great advice, and sit and shake my head wondering what exactly I just read.  I know all the words, but in that combination they don’t make sense to me…

In addition to wine-Y-wife, some other blogs I have been enjoying and nominate* are:

*You can claim your award here 

There are other blogs I read, but these are the ones I read regularly no matter what.

Coming up with seven fun facts about me is a challenge.  But I will give it a whirl, and understand if your response is more ‘huh?’ than ‘yeah!’

  1. I love to tell really long jokes, I have a repertoire that I have amassed over the years, including many I learned from my father, a master!
  2. In college I tried to start smoking because everyone I knew who quit gained ten pounds.   I figured if I started I would lose ten pounds.  It didn’t work, I hated smoking, and the pack of cigarettes I had in my purse completely disintegrated and everything was covered in tobacco for months
  3. I love cookbooks, and inspired by Rhonda I counted and including the encyclopedic, the food writing, and regular cookbooks I have 160.
  4. I still use the knives I got in culinary school, I don’t have fancy expensive ones, or a lot of them.  They work just fine
  5. I don’t like chocolate ice cream, or hot fudge or banana splits, though when I was a kid I use to love going to Schrafft’s for a hot butterscotch sundae.
  6. (almost there) I collect glass juice reamers, but they are in a box in my garage because I have no room for them
  7. In addition to cookbooks I love to read all kinds of books.  Some of my favorite authors are Ellen Gilchrist, Anne Lamott, John Irving, Toni Morrison, and Brené Brown.

I hope if you are new to my blog, you enjoy it, and I’d love your feedback!

If you’re a regular reader, thanks for your support and interest!!




4 thoughts on “I am Tickled Pink!

  1. Rhonda

    How fun! I love the seven fun facts part. It’s nice to get to know someone better. So, which are your favorite cookbooks? It’s almost like asking which is your favorite child, isn’t it? But I’m very interested in knowing…either about the children or about the books. 🙂

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