Salad Days

salad days

The term salad days has nothing to do with weather, or season, but I think it should. Salad days seems as least as good a description of oppressive heat as Dog Days of Summer, and right now these days feel about as salad-y as any. Like most of the country, it’s way too hot here right now. I hate even going out to water my poor plants. My trip to the grocery store today included lots of things that need no, or minimal cooking, and that I’m hoping will cool me off.

I got some beautiful Virginia corn, and I do need to cook it a little, but I love summer corn, and would be happy to eat it every day! Cooking corn is simple, and my method is goof-proof! Cucumber salad made with Greek yogurt and fresh dill, Chioggia beet salad, tomatoes and some cheddar cheese for my daughter round out our meal tonight. We’re both really hot, and though the central air is running (I checked) the house is 83°, so I’m hoping this meal provide some relief. Now I’m sorry I didn’t get any watermelon, because that it the best thing ever for cooling your body—it is really good for a fever.
photo 5

Cold soup is another hot weather favorite, so I bought the biggest beet I’ve ever seen to make some summer borscht. I think I’ll tackle that over the weekend. I have avocados to make guacamole, and the makings for a few more salads to get us through the next few days until this heat breaks. I have an eggplant I’m going to smoke for baba ganoush, and I’m going to try to smoke some salmon, but that is the most cooking I plan on doing for a while.

Plenty of people love the heat, they exclaim things like ‘Oooh, I live for this weather!’ and all I can do is wilt, and sweat, stay indoors, and try hard not to complain too much or call them names. Now is when I start to fantasize about that first cool evening in early September when I’ll smell a hint of autumn in the air, open all my windows and savor the freshness in the air. I start dreaming of winter squash, and apples, stews and soups. Summer feels like it drags on and on, while autumn like spring seems to get shorter and shorter each year. The salad days of my life may be far behind me, but right now I’ll make the most of my culinary salad days.


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