Weekend Long Smoke-a-thon

July 7 012
Since getting my smoker I have smoked the following: chicken, ribs, corn, lobster, mozzarella, and salmon. Some things have been better than others, but all of it has been good. Yesterday my friend Stef came over and I helped her get her blog set up, and naturally she was happy to see I was planning on smoking a lobster.

I didn’t do anything to the lobster, pre smoking. I did put it into the freezer, and followed directions for humane lobster death, and then had to cut it up to fit into the smoker. After twenty minutes it was done. I had made a salad, and removed the lobster meat from the shell, and put it on the salad. It was lovely. After a twenty minute smoke the lobster meat was silky and not overcooked, definitely a treat.
July 7 014

For my next act I smoked two ears of corn. Those are going into a salad of farm fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella, and some basil and parsley from my deck garden. The corn came out with a deep smoky taste and will need the creamy, softness of the cheese and the sweetness of the tomato and basil to offset it. I love roasted corn, and smoked corn is even better. That took about ten minutes in the smoker, and halfway in I added a piece of fresh mozzarella, which had interesting results. I removed the smoker from the heat after the recommended four minutes, but I left the corn and cheese in the smoky environment for a little longer. The cheese which was in a bowl-type arrangement made of foil, created a nice bed for the cheese to spread out, and I was left with a flat square piece of very tasty smoked mozzarella.

I haven’t yet smoked the eggplant I bought to go in the smoker, and I didn’t end up smoking the piece of salmon I had intended to, because three days of eating smoked food (which I do love) was plenty! I need a break. I’m sure I’ll get back to the drawing board soon, but probably won’t schedule another smoke-a-thon again ever!


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